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Which company carries out the shipments?

The majority of our shipments are carried out by UPS. With us you are guaranteed of your shipment, you can rest assured that you will always receive your ordered products in new condition and undamaged. When damages occur during shipment, we will provide you with a replacing article.

For our shipments outside of Europe, we always choose air transport to ensure a quick delivery.

In addition, we always ship with the fast UPS express service for shipments outside of the European Union (excluding Norway and Switzerland), without charging additional costs. The express service normally stands for a delivery within 4 working days after shipment.



When will my order be delivered?

It depends on two factors, if the product was in stock and the order status. 

If you want to know when your order will be delivered, you should check the order status to see if it has been shipped.

Once shipped, you can track your order on the carrier's page. The link of that page can be found under "Shipping and pick-up" (if you have an account). If not, you will need to track the order with the carrier.

Learn more about delivery times for products here



How much shipping costs do I have to pay and when do I get free shipping?

In spite of the rising diesel and gasoline prices, we aim to keep our shipping costs as low as possible. Orders with a purchase value of € 100 and higher are shipped free to Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, Luxembourg and Monaco. For shipments to the UK delivery is free from a purchase value of £ 500.

More details about your shipping costs per country as well as the purchase value for free shipment, can be found here


Where can I have my order delivered?

That is entirely up to you! We have listed the options that you can choose from.



Can I choose a delivery date?

No, choosing your own delivery date is unfortunately not possible at the moment.


Can I track my package?

Yes, that is possible. You will receive an e-mail with a tracking link as soon as your order has been shipped. You can also find this link in your personal account. Log in here to view your account.


Can I also pick up my order?

Thanks to our parcel locker, you can now come and collect your order 24/7! Please note, your parcel will remain available in the container for one week. After that, you can only collect your order after contacting our customer service department by phone (015 25 76 68).



What happens if I am not at home at the time of delivery?

Don't panic if you or your neighbours are not at home: our delivery partner will take your parcel to the nearest pick-up point. So you can pick up your order when it suits you and get it as soon as possible.


Can I have an earlier or later delivery of part of my order?

For this, please contact our customer service department.